Quality built wood tree swings, hardwood tree swings, seat tree swings, wooden disc tree swings and hanging kits at affordable prices.

Spinster Tire Swing
Sapele Wide Tree Swing
Sapele Thick Tree Swing
Oakipele Kids Seat Swing
Red Oak Wide Thick Tree Swing
Sapele Disc Tree Swing
Poplar Disc Tree Swing

Wood tree swings are relaxing, fun and inspirational.

Over the years many people have used tree swings to enjoy nature and its surroundings. Adults, kids and toddlers have always seen the wooden tree swing as a wonderful toy for the outdoors.

During changes of the seasons, a wooden tree swing can make a great element of either art or in a writing.

Our unique wood tree swings can be used for various celebrations. Many weddings and anniversary parties have a wooden swing with rope for the happy couple to enjoy.

Nothing can make a better, long lasting birthday gift than one of our high quality wood tree swings.

Our wood tree swings and hanging kits will meet or exceed your expectations, along with providing the best quality of workmanship and craftsmanship with over 20 years experience in carpentry.

Classic Tire Swing
Appalachian Wide Tree Swing
Our Oakipele Tree Swing
Red Oak Disc Tree Swing
Red Oak Kids Seat Swing
Hanging Kits
Heavy Duty Swivel

Hanging your new wooden swing shouldn't be a hassle either, so we include instructions with each purchase. In the event that you misplace those instructions, we have a link in our navigation bar to view those instructions as well.

We also offer Hanging Kits for our wood tree swing products, which can make installation even easier.

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